Anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for dealing with the feeling of emptiness? I sometimes get it and going out, reading, seeing people or watching things won't help - I don't know how to escape it. Any tips would be highly appreciated.

alwaysworthrecovery answered:

Ah my friend, I wish I could provide with you a list of endless tips. I’ve found ways to combat self-harm urges, ways to practice self-care, ways to get myself through depression, but alas I have not found healthy ways to deal with the feeling of emptiness. 

The only healthy thing I do to deal with emptiness is going to sleep. Believe I’ve tried healthy things just as you have, but nothing really fills the emptiness. 

My advice though? Even if you don’t know how to fill the emptiness, you can get yourself through it. Sometimes you just need to curl up in a blanket and cry. Sometimes you need to go for a walk. 

You already know four things that don’t help, so move on to different things that help you just get through the empty feeling.